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send out a tide chart , times for the Bongaree Jetty, every month.

On the back of the flyer is some information about varies pests. 

Flyer no. 1 Mosquito 

Flyer no. 2 Ants

Flyer no. 3 Flies

Flyer no. 4 Cockroaches

Flyer no. 5 Rodents

Flyer no. 6 Spiders

Flyer no. 7 Termites

Flyer no. 8 Silverfish

Flyer No. 9 Earwigs

Flyer No. 10 Lawn Pest

Flyer No. 11 Bird Mite

Flyer No. 12 Fleas

Flyer No. 13 Companion Planting

Flyer No. 14 Bees 

Flyer No. 15 Ticks

Flyer No. 16 Paper Wasp

Flyer No. 17 Crickets

Flyer No. 18 Booklice

Flyer No. 19 Carpet Beetle

Flyer No. 20 Sandflies

Flyer No. 21 Red Back Spider

Flyer No. 22 Termites

Flyer No. 23 Cigarette Beetle

Flyer No. 24 Bed Bugs

Flyer No. 25 Christmas Beetle

Flyer No. 26 Asian House Gecko

Flyer No. 27 Marsh Flies

Flyer No. 28 Pavement Ants

Flyer No. 29 German Cockroach

Flyer No. 30 Fire Ants

Flyer No. 31 Pest Poo

Flyer No. 32 Funnel Ants

Flyer No. 33 Clothes Moth

Flyer No. 34 European House Borer

Flyer No. 35 Huntsman Spider

Flyer No. 36 Wasp Identification Chart

Flyer No. 37 Vinegar Fly

Flyer No. 38 Indian Meal Moth

Flyer No. 39 Australian Wolf Spider

Flyer No. 40 Golden Spiny Ant

Flyer No. 41 Weevil

Flyer No. 42 Scorpions

flyer No.  43 Pill Millipede

Flyer No. 44 Daddy Long Legs

Flyer No. 45 Poison Vs Venom

Flyer No. 46 Spider Wasp

Flyer No. 47 Cane Toad

Flyer No. 48 Click Beetle

Flyer No. 49 Shipworm

Flyer no. 50 Singapore Ant

Flyer No. 51 Flour Beetle

Flyer No. 52 Australian Sheep Blowfly

Flyer No. 53 Assassin Bugs

 Flyer no 54 Common Myna's

Flyer No. 55 Ghost Ants - Tapinoma

Flyer no.56 Wood Roach

Flyer no.57 Leeches

Flyer no.58 Micro bats

Flyer no 59 Argentina Ants 

Flyer no. 60 Brown Banded Cockroaches

Flyer No. 61 Cat Flea

Flyer no. 62 White Tail Spider

Flyer no. 63 Black House Ant

Flyer no. 64 Drain Fly 

Flyer no. 65 Carpet Beetle

Flyer no. 66 Dead Ants

Flyer no. 67 Fungus Gnat

Flyer no. 68 Black House Spider

Flyer no. 69 Green Ant

Flyer no. 70 Cicadas

Flyer no. 71 Whirligig Beetle

Flyer no. 72 Dust Mite

Flyer no. 73 Water Rats

Flyer no. 74 Flea Beetle

Flyer no. 75 Alates

Flyer no. 76 Bee Fly

Flyer no. 77 Scorpion

Flyer no. 78 Itchy Grub

Flyer no. 79 Cluster Flies

Flyer no. 80 Garden weaving orb spider

Flyer no. 81 House mouse

Flyer no. 82 Carpenter Ant

Flyer no. 83 Praying Mantis

Flyer no. 84 Coptotermes acinaciformis

Flyer no. 85 Meat Ant

Flyer no 86 Stink Bugs

Flyer no. 87 Native Bee

Flyer no. 88 Water Bugs vs Cockroaches

Flyer no. 89 Caterpillar stings

Flyer no 90 Scorpion Fly

Flyer no 91 King Cricket

Flyer no 92 Elephant Weevil

Flyer no 93 Green Lacewing

Flyer no 94 Earth Worm

Flyer no 95 Cowboy Beetle

Flyer no 96 How a fly walks on ceilings

Flyer no 97 Stick Insect

Flyer no 98 Lady Bird

Flyer no 99 Leopard Slug

Flyer no 100 Blue Ant

Flyer no 101 Cup Moth Caterpillar

Flyer no 102 Ichneumon Wasp

Flyer no. 103 Looper Caterpillar

Flyer no 104 Giraffe Weevil

Flyer no 105 Antechinus

Flyer no 106 Lawn Prawn

Flyer no 107 St Andrews Spider

Flyer no 108 Rhinoceros Beetle

Flyer no 109 Blue Bottle

Flyer no 110 Australian Cockroach

Flyer no 111 Head Lice

Flyer no 112 Mirid Bugs

Flyer no 113 Edible Insects part 1

Flyer no 114 Cane Rats

Flyer no 115 Kangaroo vs Wallaby

Flyer no 116 Phascogale

Flyer no 117 Deadliest Caterpillars

Flyer no 118 Tailless whip Scorpion

Flyer no 119 Hairy Flower Wasp

Flyer no 120 Peacock Spider

Flyer no 121 Pirate Bug

Flyer no 122 Trap Ants

Flyer no 123 Net casting Spider

Flyer no 124 Snake Caterpillar 

Flyer No 125 Owl Flies








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