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Termite Treatment and inspections.

Your biggest asset and investment across a lifetime is likely to be your home. Termites are prevalent in Queensland.

We are able to offer

·         Pre-purchase Termite inspections
·         Annual Termite inspection
·         Treatment of termites
·         Installation of a barrier or replenishment of an existing barrier.

·         Termite protection to a cold joint when adding a new extension, with paper work for the council.

Our inspections come with a written  report with photos of problem areas, this will be posted, delivered or emailed within 3 working days of the inspection.

The areas that are inspected in a Termite inspection are

  • !  The interior of the building (exclude furniture and stored items)
  • !  The exterior of the building
  • !  The roof void
  • !  The Subfloor space
  • !  The site ( include trees, stumps and timbers embedded in soil)
  • !  All accessible timber in service within the property that should be inspected is
  • !  Structural timbers- subfloor, floor, walls, stairs, ceilings, roofing
  • !  Joinery and decorative timbers- doors, and door frames, windows and window frames, skirting, joinery (but exclude furniture)
  • !  Ancillary structures- false floors, built-in cupboards, built in furniture
  • !  Attachments and out buildings- garage, carport, pergola, patios, veranda’s, sheds, posts
  • !  Garden timbers – landscaping timbers, fences, logs, pool surrounds, garden boxes or tubs, firewood, paving blocks, sleepers
  • !  Standing timbers – trees, stumps


We are both registered timber pest inspection specialist and we will ensure you to get the best possible advice to assist you in your termite problems or protection of your home.

Pest controller who does Termite inspections must also have a specific public indemnity and personal insurance to protect you and your property. You can rest easy when you employ us as we are full insured through Rapid Solutions and we both have Insurance Termite accreditation numbers.

We are accredited in Termiticide chemicals Termidor, Biflex and Altriset.


All work is carried out to follow all Australian Standards.

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