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BuggerMe Designs 

BuggerMe Designs is the work of John DeHey, who is a talented artist and lives on Bribie Island. 

John recycles old tools, old gas bottles, old fires extinguishers, pieces of metal and any other interested items into interesting, unique, garden art, Letter Boxes and Sculptures.

Have a look on our whats available page to see what items are in the gallery for sale.

We can ship some of the smaller items to places in Australia, contact me - Robyn on 0448 088 084 or John on 0428 533 439 to get a quote for freight to your home.

You can pick up the item from 158 White Patch Esp, White Patch Bribie Island. We are on the corner of Hilda st, the place with the Morris commercial truck in the front yard. The road leads to the rangers station and the track up the middle of the Island. 


Items available

Horse Head

John Deere Tractor Letter Box


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